As everyone knows who has ever signed up for Medicare and supplemental insurance, it can be a very confusing time with many questions. I contacted MIC Financial who fortunately put me in contact with Jennifer Everton, one of their Medicare Specialist. She walked me through the process effortlessly and answered all of my many questions. She researched the best plans available in my area for both supplemental and prescription insurance which meets my needs. Jennifer is knowledgeable, professional and very personable. She followed through on all aspects of the process making sure the supplemental policies were correct and to my satisfaction. She was readily available whenever I called with questions. I recommended her to family members and would highly recommend Jennifer and Medicare Consultants to anyone.

Marry Harrington(Claremont, NH)

Teresa, Thank you again and again for getting my butt out of a really bad situation! I do appreciate your looking out for me. I could have been in hot water if not for you. Now that I am covered I feel safe.

G. Erickson(Bellevue, WA)

Mr. Gholson: Take pride in the exceptional performance of Chris Carrino - an agent who represents you and MIC with professionalism and personal attention. His Technical competence is very evident. He understands not only his client but how to assemble the best supplement package both in cost and coverage. Chris is not a typical employee in either customer service or knowledge of his product and service options. This is to be commended and certainly applauded. He and MIC will be my recommendations for anyone seeking assistance in understanding and be making wise choices among the Medicare supplement programs. It is both a privilege and pleasure to write and recognize this exception person; I am certain his life is also lived with the same values. Thank you,

David M. Ambrose, PhD

Teresa, I cannot thank you enough for all the time and energy you have expended in helping me get the best coverage for the best price. In the time we have worked together, you have connected me with the best drug plan and the best Medicare supplement, saving me a great deal of money. It is very apparent that you have the best interest of your customers at heart. I wish everyone could be as pleasant and efficient as you! It has been my pleasure working with you!

L. Wilfling

Dear Mr. Brown, I received the Medicare Cigna supplement today and cancelled my United Health Care supplement. Since UHC was to take payment on August 1st, the timing was great. I was wondering if you have a supervisor that I could speak to about your superior service. I was really very desperate when we first spoke. Your guidance and helpful explanations plus literally walking me thru the process was above and beyond. I'm grateful for your patience and clarity about the choices that we settled on. I will talk to you again in Oct. so that we can take a look at the medication plans, until then you have my gratitude and sincerest thanks.

Roz Beroza(Silver Spring, MD)

Thank you so much for your help in securing medigap & prescription drug policies for me. You were very helpful & knowledgeable with the information you shared. I feel confident that I am now fully insured. You help me along through the entire process, even staying on the phone with me while I filled out the application form for my prescription drug policy. Ready to help if I needed it. I would and will recommend your services to anyone who is entering this confusing phase of retirement

Merlinda C(Saint Leonard, MD)

Evan, Thanks again for all your help with my insurance. You went out of your way to answer my questions and to explain the insurance in a way I could understand it. I will highly recommend you to my friends as they reach this stage in their life.

Nancy Monroe(Rockwell, NC)

Once again Shaun, I wish to express my thanks and gratitude for your help with my problem with Medicare. I am now able to be reinstated with part B once the remaining balance is sent to the Railroad Retirement Board’s payment center in St. Louis. With the links you provided, I was able to sort out the otherwise confusing framework and structure of how Medicare and the RRB operate in conjunction with benefits the average person receives. Thank you for your genuine interest and concern.

Gail E. Turner (Wheat Ridge, CO)

Good Morning Jason,. Thank you so much for your kind, honest, straight forward, detailed knowledge of how Medicare/Medicaid works and not just trying to sell me a plan. Finally, after months and months of my mailbox & email box being bombarded with confusing mail & TV ads, you made it simple. It is not complicated at all and it did not take long at all. I just can't thank you enough! And what a great personality you have! I enjoyed our conversation very much. May God richly bless you and yours,

D. L. Cowart(Statesboro, GA)

I recently stopped working and wanted to make sure add coverage to my Medicare coverage and help with my prescription drugs. I put in a search and was contacted by Barbara from MIC Financial. The entire experience was absolutely way above my expectations. She took my information and did the research and found the best and perfect plans for my needs. Friendly and and answered every question. The time she spent and effort was amazing. I highly recommend this company and am looking forward to dealing with Barbara in the future. Thank so much for all you did.

Wayne Smiley (Amherst, NH)

WOW.....Did we get lucky today...! We found Evan Novak at MedicareIC. Not only did he set us straight on Medicare do's and don'ts, he also saved us $$$$$. We now feel VERY COMFORTABLE with how this all works. If you are in the market and want to avoid all the confusion, you need not look any further....this gentleman knows and has all the answers to ANY of your questions. We WILL be sending him some referrals.


Del, I very much appreciated your call this morning, a very big thank you. The professionalism you exhibited throughout the development of our new health insurance programs was exemplary. I of course wouldn’t hesitate for an instant recommending you to whomever might need your services. Again, thank you Dell!

Tom Carson (Marcola, Oregon)

To Whom it May Concern, On February 1, 2016 I received a call at 9:05am from Kevin Moore who is with MIC Financial. Kevin was very good at what he does. I listened carefully to what he had to say which was straight forward and understandable. After talking to me for almost 45 minutes and answering not only his questions to me but my questions also, I told Kevin that I was very pleased, not only with his presentation but also the content of the presentation. But I told Kevin that I really needed to run everything by my nephew and my daughter. I'm sure he did not want to hear that but he remained extremely polite. After some careful review with my family on February 2nd, I decided to go with Mutual of Omaha through Kevin. I actually received a call directly from an agent for Mutual of Omaha only and I felt much more comfortable talking to Kevin. On February 3rd, I had a very busy morning and was unable to take Kevin's phone call. However, he did leave a very polite message. When I had a chance, I called Kevin on the 3rd, he asked me some additional questions and then I told him I was ready to sign up. He walked me through the entire process, even calling Mutual of . Later that same day I received an email from Mutual of Omaha which contained my temporary card. My entire working career of 35 years was essentially in customer service where I supervised over 50 people. Kevin's attitude, non-pushiness, and general demeanor not only made the process simple and understandable but he could work for me anytime. I appreciate what he did. Should you have any further questions for me, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Rick Parker(Cincinnati OH)

Shaun, All is good, and everything appears to be lined out! Once again, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your time and effort in shepherding us through this process. Without you we wouldn't have gotten to first base. Best personal regards,

Bob Yeager(Lake Havasu City AZ)

Mr. Brown, It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Your knowledge of the Medicare situation is through. You answered every question completely. This is a great product. I favorably recommend you and your company for all who qualify. I know they will be assured of a daunting subject and rest in your trust. I wish your enterprise the best.

M.J. Rosenberg(Chicago, IL)

Hi John Edwards, I would like to thank you for helping me with the many unknowns in signing up for a medicare supplement plan for 2016. You were able to explain the many part and benefits. You were honest with me and did not belittle me for any parts that I did not know or understand. You also were able to give me information that I had been unable to find out about. I liked your knowledge and helpfulness in all of these matters. The first three times I spoke with you I did not say I would buy any coverage from you, but you always were courteous and respectful of me. I appreciate that. You said I could contact you with any other questions I had in the future.

John Jacobs(Littleton, CO)

Teresa, I would like to take a moment to extend a big thank you for helping me select a Medicare supplement prescription plan. Not only did you go the extra mile in the prescription plan research, but also dental and vision research and answered many questions I had concerning other health plans and did so with the most pleasant voice and personality. You sent me everything you said you would and you called me every time you said you would, even having to call back because of bad weather on my end. You are truly a woman of your word. I never felt high pressured only educated from your help. I will pass your name on to a few of my friends that are presently in the same boat I am in. The internet can overwhelm a person with information to where you don't know if or what you are doing is the correct thing. I feel blessed to have connected with you and will keep you in my computer forever. Also I did do the Silver Script prescription plan over the phone and I was ask who sent me and I gave them your name with the highest of praises. Best Regards,

Forresta Reynolds(Park Hill OK)

Tom, Thanks for all your understanding and consideration. I finally feel great about this new adventure. In PA, all we get are things like Aetna, Humana, Cigna, Senior Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Geisinger, etc. Most people get confused, but I knew what I had and what I needed to change and you helped me achieve it! Several years ago, I was at the library picking a book off the shelf. I was all about IQ by John Glover. I broke it open and started reading. It basically said that only intelligent people can look down the road for their options. Unintelligent people can't even begin to look down that road. I feel you and I were lucky to have conversed with one another Your parents did a good job! Take care.

Rochelle Oswald (Macungie, PA)

Good Morning, Tom, Thanks so much for your patience and support!! I'll stand by for more correspondence from CIGNA-ARL and confirmation that my premium will be automatically withdrawn from my checking account. Hope you have a great Open-Application period for the next few weeks and have the success you deserve for your knowledge and expertise in your chosen field!! Kirby says "HI" and thanks for everything you have done for both of us!! Regards, Jim

James Zimmerman(Purcellville, VA)

Tom I received an email from Lynn Ellis. She shared your comments about getting clarification and an actual ruling that what Guidestone tells us is actually true. Good to know that I have until the end of the year to make a decision on the Part D enrollment. Once I get back from vacation, I will work with Lynn to get this resolved immediately. Then I will proceed with you. Your efforts has been rock solid for me and my wife. Thank you,

Juan Rivera(Fredericksburg, VA)

Thank you Teresa! This was all made much easier. I am calling CIGNA for the Drug program on Wed. They did not have my confirmation number in the system yet. I am hoping it will be ok to start on Dec 1. You have been a tremendous help. I am moving my retirement up to Nov 2 nd!! 4 weeks away. Never could have thought I could get all my insurance ducks in a row by then. Thank you again.If we have any trouble, I will be in touch. In the meantime I am happy to refer anyone of friends on the Medicare brink to you, if that's all right. Thank you!

Kay and Bob 

Evan: Just a quick thanks for your assistance and prodding to "get it done," Recently you assisted me in transferring my Medi Coverage out of state as I moved to Tennesee. It dragged a bit, u helped the process along and just when I was ready to delay coverage "till next month" u insisted we were close. ONE week later I was sent to Emergency Room for a 4 day stay in the hospital !! At last count, my Med bills have exceeded $55,000. more coming !! All paid by insurance you insisted "I Get it now"' A big Thank you !!

Joe Freitag(Chattanooga, TN)

This is in appreciation and recognition of Tom Matteson for his excellent customer service. Tom responded to my inquiry for Supplemental Health Insurance. Tom is very well informed when it comes to the various options that are available in the Medicare area and represents MIC Financial in a very professional manner. Not only was he instrumental in helping me fine an excellent medical plan but also saved me money in the process. I would like MIC Financial to know about Tom's professionalism and excellent customer service that continued after the sale, If he said he would send me information I requested, or if he told me he would follow up with the provider or if he told me he would get back to me, not once did he fail to complete his commitment. I very quickly knew it was going to be a pleasure working with Tom. So much so that I have all confidence in Tom that if I ever have a Medicare question or want to review my coverage he is my man! Thanks TOM.

Jake Cuaron(Cenntenial, CO)

Thank you so much for the time you spent explaining Medicare and Supplements to me. It was nice to speak to someone that actually knew what they were speaking about in detail. I’ve received so much mail on the subject that it has become confusing and redundant in nature. Now I feel with Tom’s help I can make confident decisions and go forward with into the Medicare system.

Kathy Lynd(Boerne, TX)

I am dropping you this e-mail to tell you about my experience with Dell. I have been investigating medicare options for the past year. The more that I looked into it, the more confused I was. I was not happy with local agents in South Carolina. I turned to the internet and sent out an inquiry. Mr. Brown called me within an hour and talked me thru signing up for medicare. He spent about 90 minutes with me in March, walking me thru the process and providing viable options for me. On June 1st, he called me and signed me up for my Part D coverage. He called SS and expedited my medicare card and made a follow-up call on June 10th. The service that I received, was way beyond my expectations. He is a tremendous asset to your organization. My retired friends could not believe of this positive experience. They had problems with their agents after claims were filed with unexpected out of the pocket expenses. His honesty, integrity and service are values that you do not see now a days.

James Hancock (Piedmont, SC)

I am new to Medicare so I was shopping for the best company and rates. I was overwhelmed by the emails and phone calls I got. Then a gentlemen from MIC Financial in Tampa, FL called me. His name is Evan Novak. He is so knowledgeable and knows what he is talking about. He has been by my side and making sure that I understand what is going on. He has had me on a couple of conference calls to make sure all questions are answered and that I knew what was going on. This man is AWESOME!! Evan is very patient and kind and he treats me with a lot of respect. He will be my agent forever. Thank you Evan!!

Dianne Harrison(Logansville, Ga)

Tom, In my quest to sign up for Medicare, NO ONE made it more easy and logically explained everything to me than you did. It was really quite agonizing in speaking with other specialist and still totally left me in the dark after speaking with them. Your clear explanations to my questions and filling me in on the best plans to select gave me a comfort level of trust and a big sigh of relief when we finished. Thanks again for all your help.

Robert Bailey(Chicago, IL)

Tom, thanks for setting Sharon and I up for Medicare supplement plan. You have not only secured us a good rate but have educated us far more than expected. We have been deluged by other brokers wanting us to insure with them but none are as knowledgeable as you are when it comes to the supplement plans. You have not only answered all of our questions but have given us the background information as to why things are the way they are. I have a lot friends and associates who are approaching Medicare age and most don't have a clue about this stuff. So I try to help where I can but because you have done a good job for us, I am going to recommend that they contact you in the event they want someone to set them up that knows what they are doing. Thanks again.

John Gilbert(O’Fallon, MO)

People still ask me why I have an insurance agent in Tampa Florida.  I tell them your the only one that didn't call and bother me every day for weeks and you knew exactly what you were taking about and explained everything to me. Tomorrow I go for neck surgery, sure glad you sold me Medigap plan G. Thanks Again Evan!

Joseph and Michelle Yerance(Butler,PA)

Jennifer, As I worked with many other agents and people to seek information, explore and understand options, you have been outstandingly extraordinary, different, and better than the others.  Thank you for your kind assistance, best regards.

Tom House(Farmington, UT)

You made my day,  That said to Evan Novak for going to bat for me against  my supplemental insurance company, who canceled my policy over the holidays for nonpayment of the premium.  Luckily my accountant discovered they had sent it to the wrong address three times.  The company denied knowing this over several phone calls, until Evan insisted on "pulling the call".  This was a recorded phone call made in early October indicating the correct information had indeed been given to them.  I was immediately reinstated.   Moral of the story:  trust your agent and go paperless!

Mary Ochse(Ocean City, MD)

I have worked with Evan Novak for several years now. He is expert in his field of medicare and medigap (supplement) plans. As a physician client, I recognize that different insurance companies must offer the same benefits plan for plan under the government mandate, and therefore once a plan is selected, the best one is the least expensive one. Mr. Novak has been diligent and proactive in contacting me each October to advise me of the latest cost effective plans for parts B and D of medicare. For 2020, my wife and I have saved considerable money on both medigap and drug plans. I would recommend him for cost comparison quotes and policy servicing in whatever state you reside.

Stephen Rochman, MD(Fayetteville, N.C. 28303)

Dear Alan, Thank you so much for all your help. Your patience and knowledge was so much appreciated . Have a wonderful evening All the best, M POLLARI


Teresa many thanks in helping us obtain a new Medicare Supplement Plan. Your efficiency, kindness and graciousness are appreciated. Please pass this message to your supervisor on our behalf.

Jane & Charles Stone(Gate City, VA)

Hello. This email is being sent in recognition of the outstanding service I received rom Jennifer. She was knowledgeable, kind, and patient. Thank you.

Anthony Cole 

My name is Sharan, from Grand Prairie, Texas. Over the past two weeks, I have been speaking with Ms. Christine Snyder regarding a new Part D supplement for the upcoming year. After much discussion and many questions on my end, Ms. Snyder suggested Aetna Silver Script would be the best thing for myself and my health situations. I enrolled! During our conversations, Ms. Snyder was very professional and courtesy. She was very patient with this “little ole blonde headed lady from Texas." She was very informative and responsive to all my questions. When she said she would call, she was calling! As the ole saying goes, “she went above and beyond” to get me the best program. We also discussed my Plan G, but it was determined I have the best deal this year. We will discuss again in October 2024. Ms. Snyder will be my “go to person” when it comes to reviewing/choosing any Medicare supplements in the future. Thank you Ms. Snyder! Please pass along my compliments to Ms. Snyder. She is a valuable member of your team. My Texas Cowboy hat off to her!!!

Sharan Grand Prairie, TX

To whom it may concern, I would like to take the time to send my appreciation for the great customer service I received over the last few days. No After inquiring about a less expensive plan, Tina reached out to me. I am so very grateful for the ease at which she conducted our discussions. She has a wonderful temperament. I was so comfortable dealing with her. Trying to succeed in getting a less expensive but as thorough a policy can cause a lot of anxiety. Tina was calming, friendly and most importantly, seemed most sincere and experienced. Having a feeling of trust in a salesperson is so important and Tina allowed me that from the get go. She was so efficient and kind and with each conversation we had I couldn't have been more impressed by her nature, her patience and her empathy. I hope that she is as appreciated by you as she is by me. I'm looking forward to resolving my other issue with her come October 15. Thank you for your time.

Marguerite Sokoloff 

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